Project Description

With such a varied landscape and culture, along with a long and rich history, India has an endless collection of exquisite landmarks and attractions that represent the country’s fascinating customs and way of life from hundreds of years ago up to the present. The Taj Mahal in Agra and the forts and monuments in Jaipur tell of the nation’s glorious past. The cities of Kolkata and Shimla feature many buildings and structure that are remnants of the British rule.

In Varanasi, Mount Abu, and Gangtok, there are numerous temples and shrines that are surrounded by picturesque and breathtaking views. And, when it comes to beaches, India has the Andaman Islands, which offer fantastic diving spots for those who want to swim with rays, fishes, and other exotic marine life in the thriving coral ecosystem. Of course, a visit to India is not complete without trying their sumptuous cuisine. All throughout the country, there are restaurants that serve biryani, tandoori chicken, vindaloo, palak paneer, and other authentic local dishes.