Project Description

Europe has plenty of charms and treasures that even the most seasoned travellers find it so difficult to make up their minds on which places to include in their must-visit lists for their next trip. Whether you are travelling on a budget or are on a luxury trip, each of the continent’s 50 countries has plenty of enthralling historical and modern attractions that can deliver unique and memorable moments and experiences.

In Paris, a cultural tour that includes the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and Sacre-Coeur is a common itinerary. In Rome, a visit to the Colosseum and the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square, which are just two of the many important historical spots in the region, is a must. In Spain, the cities of Barcelona and Madrid see lots of culture, arts, and literature crowds all throughout the year, exploring the museums (Museo Picasso, Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya), churches (Sagrada Familia, Granda Cathedral), and palaces (Royal Palace of Madrid, Alhambra, Palau Nacional Barcelona). In Central Europe, the old historic villages and architecture in Austria (Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral), Czech Republic (Prague’s Prague Castle and Charles Bridge), and Hungary (Budapest’s Buda Castle and Chain Bridge) never cease to impress. In Switzerland and Germany, the past and the present, and the rural and the urban mix together so seamlessly, with their serene countrysides and landscapes (Rhine Valley in Germany and Gruyeres in Switzerland) located only some hours’ train ride from the vibrant urban metropolises of Berlin and Munich, and Zurich and Geneva.